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They've moved from the disaster zone that was briefly Fargo's office to one of Global's virtual modelling labs. Henry and Stark are brooding over the projection table, examining a three-dimensional construct of the Global Dynamics complex.

"I put a trace on the hot wire," Henry says. "The power source leads out the back; that's where the machine is vulnerable. Now if we can reach that, then we can get to the guts of the thing."

Stark's gaze doesn't so much as flicker away from the diagram. "I've got a team in Section Five working on a laser bombardment drill that will bore right through the titanium shell."

Henry shakes his head. "Yeah, unfortunately your guys in Section Four tell me it's not titanium, it's zirconium carbonite, which is..."

"Impenetrable," Stark concludes. A weary sigh escapes him.

"Impenetrable," Henry agrees. A beat. "But I believe we can get there--"

With Stark looking on, he clears the schematic from the screen and loads a smaller scale model of a specific subsection. "--from here, through the base of the machine."

He glances up at Stark, who's silently studying the section that Henry's indicating. "If we tunnel down, under, and up, we'll be directly behind it and then I think we've got a shot."

Stark nods. "Tell Fargo to give you anything you need." With a wry, pained smile, he looks from the model to Henry, meeting the other man's gaze. "And also, not to touch anything you don't."

As Henry hurries out the side exit to find Fargo, the main door slides open, admitting Allison. She walks up to stand beside Stark, informing him, "Bad news, good news. We didn't get anything from Thatcher, but Carter wasn't hurt in the process."

Still studying the miniature schematic, Stark nods. "And the good news?"

Allison sighs with exasperation and darts a sharp look over at Nathan Stark-- who, despite the gravity of the situation, allows himself a small smile.
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