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The team's analysis of the anomaly and post-event report had been as thorough and complete as any man could wish, even when that man is Nathan Stark. The outcome had been deemed 'inconclusive' and the file marked INACTIVE, as no one had been able to independently reproduce the anomaly after the first wave of occurrences faded.

Then again, Nathan Stark isn't just anyone.

He's well aware that there's still passage going on back and forth from Eureka to Milliways. Therefore, it's only logical that there should be a way for him to activate a direct portal. To that end, he's reserved a project room in Section 8 for his own private research, secured to his access only.

The field generator on the ceramic table is humming quietly when he finishes making adjustments and steps back from it. Stark studies a readout on the side of the device and nods to himself.

"As I calculated, the new configuration duplicates the previously measured electromagnetic frequency. Now, if I can project the field within a contained space so that it adheres to a stabilizing ground..."

Stark flips a series of small switches on the side of the generator, then waits. The hum increases, and the device begins to vibrate slightly as a faint glow forms around the newly-added piezoelectric arm.

Two seconds later, a ray shoots from the device and strikes the free-standing door that Stark had installed in the center of the room.

Nathan Stark smiles in satisfaction.
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