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Name:Nathan Stark
Birthdate:Jan 19
Nathan Stark is the director of Global Dynamics in Eureka. Among his accomplishments he counts a Nobel Prize in mathematics, a number of research programs and endeavors, and the ability to navigate the scientific, academic, and political waters necessary to ensure that Global Dynamics (and by extension, the town of Eureka itself) remains funded, operational, and above all successful in advancing the pursuit and development of science.

His personal life is unfortunately rather less marked with triumph. He is estranged from wife Allison Blake, who also happens to be Eureka's government liaison, and often at odds with Sheriff Jack Carter. Although brilliant and charming, Nathan Stark is also frequently perceived as driven, determined, calculating, cold and unfeeling.

Not all of it is true.

Nathan Stark is 6'4" and of medium build, and appears to be in his early forties. He has hazel eyes and dark hair, moustache, and beard, and is usually dressed in business-appropriate attire.

The character of Nathan Stark is from Eureka, as portrayed by actor Ed Quinn, and is the property of the Sci Fi channel and the show's creators. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar. No profit whatsoever is being made, and no infringement is intended. Questions and comments should be sent to [info]silveraspen by private message, email (aspen-at-silveraspen-dot-net), or over AIM (Aspenx3).
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