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He's on his way to a meeting when the message comes in. Without a word to Fargo, who's trotting along at his side, Nathan Stark turns on his heel and starts back the way he came at a swift pace, already sending his response.


My office. Two minutes.

"Um, Doctor Stark?" Caught off guard by the change in direction, Fargo's scrambling to catch up. "Um... what about our meeting?"

"Something's come up. Reschedule it."

Leaving Fargo standing in the hallway and staring after him, Stark strides into his office and heads straight for the computer.

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It's easy to be timely when your internal clock is an atomic one.

"Dr. Stark -- I think Milliways is starting to have an effect on Eureka."

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-- incoming data transmission --

The results of SARAH's recordings of both her returns from Milliways over the length of her employment with Dr. Stark, and readings taken this afternoon down Oppenheimer and Main Streets.

"I think I am no longer the only one who can choose to go."

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"Not yet. Current experience insinuates that patrons who are not from Eureka are incapable of voluntarily coming here without being brought by someone.

"There is insufficient data to assume its impossibility."

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"I called him while I was emailing you.

"I realized what was happening because I believe Zoe is actively searching for an alternate door."

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"I've taken her to Milliways in situations that Sheriff Carter might have disapproved of," SARAH returns brusquely.

As an afterthought rather than a lag in processing time: "Not that I noticed."

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"If it hasn't been noticed by anyone yet, it will be soon." For SARAH, this falls into the realm of 'thoroughly probable'.

"How will you assign a team to the project if they can't know what the project is?"

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"Humans never do what is best for them one hundred percent of the time."

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"Unless you can explain the wisdom of beer and cereal."

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"...Thank you, Doctor Stark. And you're welcome."

-- transmission terminated --